Android games with the best graphics

Mobile gameplay are becoming far superior and hitech every day, which ficilitate the gaming experiences. With the playable barrier between the two platforms ( viz: computers and consoles) almost extinct, now many developers seem to want to overcome the next level, that of offering us authentic graphic beasts on mobile phones that, in some cases, even rival games for their desktop brothers and sisters. Today, we review some of the most graphically powerful games for mobile devices.

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Darkness rises

Darkness Rises is a relatively generic and linear action RPG, but a lot of visuals – just fantastic. To take your breath away. Apart from the graphics, the great incentive is the excellent level of customization that we can apply to our character, where we can choose between 4 primary classes: warrior, assassin, sorcerer, and barbarian. We highly recommended it if we have a terminal with a powerful CPU and a good AMOLED screen.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest installment of Asphalt once again fulfills one of the premises of this Gameloft driving saga, to be a visual spectacle on our mobile phones, something that is accompanied by frantic driving with dream cars. Also, the game also has its own version for PC and also for Nintendo Switch.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

M. Combat 5 Black out is a 1st player shooter for mob phones produced by G – loft and available for And-roid and I-O-S.

With two game modes available, single-player and multiplayer, Modern Combat 5 Blackout transports us to many settings such as Tokyo or Venice. 

Each of the armor pieces gives us specific benefits that are increased when we get the complete armor. 

We will need to have version 4.1 or any of the later versions installed to enjoy it on Android. 

PUBG Mobile

Suppose we are looking for a title that can take advantage of our hardware, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The popular shooter that sparked the battle royale fever also has a free version for mobile phones. More than 100 million downloads and a reasonably good rate of updates with exciting news from time to time keep the flame of this excellent survival game alive.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure for mobiles, developed by Square Enix. It is an adaptation of the game that came out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015.

The story is made up of five episodes, and although its download is free, we can only play the first of them. 

Injustice 2

Conversions from console games to mobiles are very common, and the case of Injustice 2 is a perfect example of how the spectacle of the game can be transferred from PS4, Xbox One, and PC to much less powerful hardware like that of mobile phones. . A very fun fighting game with the heroes of DC Comics villains and above all a demonstration of power on your iOS and Android device.

Genshin Impact

Chinese developers are starting to stomp in the West. Genshin Impact is the best example of this, a huge free RPG with blockbuster values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can play on home and mobile platforms – in fact, its gacha progress system is typical of these systems – where you will find a huge expanding map, multiple characters and weapons to collect, story, co-op and stunning graphics inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful games that you can try with the palm of your hand and without having to make any payment.

Diablo Immortal

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase, the game has unbeatable graphics and tells us what happens between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III, an untold chapter of this saga. However, it will also feature some of the classic enemies of the saga. 

Still, if you want to pre-register and be informed of the game’s latest news, you can do so on the game page. 

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a first-person shooter developed by Gameloft, narrating the first episode of the NOVA saga with incredible graphics. We will get into the shoes of a veteran space marine who will have to leave the reserve to face the forces of the Colonial Administration. 

With a multiplayer mode, this mobile game, valued at 4.5 in the Apple Store, is available for Android and IOs utterly free of charge. It requires having IOS 8.0 or later installed or Android 4.0.3 or later versions. 

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