Best Naruto games for Android phones

Indeed you have come across the name Naruto more than once on the Internet. To do this, he will have to go through hundreds of obstacles:

  • Ninjutsu exams.
  • Various dangerous tasks and battles.
  • The enemies that threaten his planet.

A whole hundred different animated films have been released throughout the Naruto universe, not to mention games for various devices. Games for PC or consoles are considered the most interesting, but there are also exciting applications for mobile gadgets. 

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Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage is the ultimate castle defense and action strategy game based on the famous manga world of Naruto, the brave ninja warrior. The best game in the genre for Android. Valorous shinobi warriors are joining the brutal clan war! And only you can help them in the fight against the enemy.

Use not only blades, pistols, and shurikens against your enemies but also various traps. Experience an epic fusion of shinobi action and complete strategy. Or forget about defense and go on the offensive.

Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive

The graphics of this game, given the release date and platform, are now not great, but the gameplay feels relatively healthy. The latter is probably familiar to you because many fights are taken straight from “Naruto Shippuden.” In Kizuna Drive, by the way, for the first time in the series, they added party battles and the ability to combine characters’ skills, of which there are four in the squad. Even though the game is for PSP, it can be run through the PPSSPP emulator on an Android smartphone.


An ordinary private fighter. According to player feedback, Naruto Fight is full of factors that interfere with a smooth passage. And Naruto himself (meaning the very teenage ninja) is not here for some reason since he can only be unlocked after passing certain levels.


Undoubtedly they would have gone to protect her at the cost of their lives. The same thing happens here in this game. Evil guys from hostile principalities and clans invaded the homeland of fearless fighters who have long stood for the cause of Light. You must help them. Just smash the army of all evil ninjas using just one of your fingers!

Beware of various bosses. They have special abilities! Challenge yourself and your friends to find out who can repel the most enemy waves the fastest. 


Another fantastic fighting game from the Naruto universe. And only he can protect his fellow citizens from terrible danger. There are over 40 famous ninja characters from the beautiful anime world of Naruto. There are also various modes, story campaign, training, and survival modes—an excellent way to distract yourself with something for a couple of nights.

Naruto Ninjas Heroes 2

It has a story developed solely for the game, which offers a shocking ending. After the appearance of a castle that threatens the security of Konoha, Naruto and his friends will have the mission to climb to the top floor of the castle to stop the threat.

The game has up to 30 characters with whom you can form teams of less than three members, which we can customize with different Jutsus and items.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact

Its semi-open 3D fighting mode is a notable improvement for Android devices. This excellent title tells the events that occurred after Jiraiya’s discovery until the final battle against Sasuke. It also has a story mode for Sasuke.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact is one of the titles for  Android phones with more settings and characters. If you want to download it, go to

Ninja rebirth

It is the only currently active game for Android. Its aesthetic is based on mini cartoons. Here we will see a large number of characters from the anime, including the nine carriers of the tailed monsters.

Each of the fighters has different abilities that can be improved to be able to give more battle against the enemies. In the beginning, we will start with a few ninjas, but little by little, we will unlock more.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact: PSP Emulator

It is another of the best Naruto games that we can find. The dynamics are very different from the others, and the gameplay too. It has a moderately superior view that allows us to see a large part of the site where we are. This is because, in each mission, we will have to fight with a large number of enemies.

This game does have a story that we must complete. The main objective is to find Sasuke and gather forces to defend the village. In addition, the characters evolve over time and gain new powers. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended because it has a good development.

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