Hitman 3 Review- An honest Review

Agent 47 is back once again for the third and final installment of the Hitman trilogy. This time, his mission is to search for and destroy Providence’s partners.

Hitman 3 takes an interesting persistent shortcut system, a virtual reality mode in full-fledged ( on PlayStation VR anyway), and much more.

So is Hitman’s third installment a breakthrough in the stealth game formula or just more of the same thing you know and love? We’ve been busy committing several mishaps to find out. 

The complete trilogy in one package

However, this time, what makes things different is that if you buy the Deluxe Edition, or if you already own the previous games, you get access to Hitman and Hitman 2 within Hitman 3. However, this is a bit more complicated on PC due to Epic Store Exclusivity.

This includes unlocks, XP rank, outfits, and gear.

Also, the things you unlock in the new game can be used to replay previous levels from other games in the series to make things even more interesting. This already hints at one of Hitman’s main draws: the playability of the litter box design.

Expanding sandboxes

These missions take place in a variety of stunning locations around the world. At one point, you’re exploring the grounds of a large rustic mansion in England. Then you’re out on the busy late-night streets of Chongqing, China, or a makeshift nightclub in Berlin.

Six locations may not sound like a lot, but in each one of them, you are prepared to eliminate an objective or two, as well as search for story missions or side missions. We found that it took us around nine hours to complete the main campaign, but we had barely scratched the surface of all the content at the time.

For each location, Hitman 3 offers a number of options on how to reach the objective and how to finish it.

Since our playtime with the game, we feel like there are a lot more options to take down the victim than ever before, and that says a lot, as there have always been so many.

So whether you are poisoning someone, clubbing, adding your drink, and then drowning them in a toilet, or just using a reliable, silent weapon to dispense, there are many options open to you.

Following targets and tracking their movements, determining when to strike and if you can get away with it, and making it look like an accident for that coveted SK rating is exciting. But one that needs persistence and outlining.


The goal here is, as always, to assassinate a target. But the plot thickens when he discovers that a private detective has been hired and is present the day of his arrival. A MU.. mystery follows for a crime that you did not commit but that you can investigate if you manage to put on the clothes of a said detective.

In our first game of that mission, we entered the field, climbed a drainpipe, and went through a window as the detective entered through the front door.

Challenge accepted

One way the sandbox system has been adjusted and improved for this third installment is with shortcuts that can be unlocked for future games. As you go through the locations, you will come across closed doors or locked stairs that, if you open them, will allow you to start in a new place the next time you play, opening up new possibilities.

This opens up even more possibilities and adds an extra touch of interest as well.

Complete challenges and you will also receive new equipment to take with you and help you. Adding a pick, safety bypass, or poison syringe as a basic tool can make a big difference or simply give you new ways to carry out your mission and make discoveries.

Hitman 3 is a great addition and an ending point to the trilogy. If you enjoyed the previous two games, you could expect more of the same here, plus some additional tweaks to keep things interesting. But suppose you are new to the series. In that case, we recommend that you buy the digital edition and maximize the number of levels you can play.

If you don’t like the idea of just six major missions and you’re not the type of person who likes to replay it, then Hitman 3 can be a bit valuable for a single match. In our opinion, though, each level is designed with different potential playstyles and avenues to explore, makes it feel fresh every time, and makes for a much more entertaining game.

Overall, Hitman 3 is once again a sensational stealth-action sandbox if you like stealth games, none better.

A wealth of content and side activities are offered, and the trilogy as a whole will become a long-term destination for would-be winner. 

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