The best Android Games for Kids

Problems such as lack of regulation and negligence on some platforms have made children in growth stages have to face explicit videos or publications, as has happened on several occasions with YouTube Kids.

From educational games to music or logic, we bring you a selection of the best games in the PlayStore.

That is why we present you with a list of the best games for children between 2 and 8 years old, which can be downloaded directly from the PlayStore for any Android device.

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Animal Jam – Play Wild!

In this title, we will have to choose which animal we want to transform into before exploring the vast world of Jamaa in search of other animals. As you progress, it will be possible to create your own style through accessories, clothing, and many other elements.

Also, it acts as an educational game thanks to videos about nature, different species of animals, and downloadable e-books. 

Monster trucks kids

This game is offered for children from 2 to 8 years old, where they have the possibility to choose between 15 trucks to go through 42 levels where they can smash cars, collect coins, and burst balloons. The game has five different soundtracks, various engine sounds, and also has four minigames: popping balloons, memory cards, puzzles, and coloring pages.

Bubadu Games

The developer Bubadu Games offers an immense collection of fantastic games for children. Most of them are starred by adorable animals and packed with minigames such as 2048, Diamond Connect, horse jumping, and many more.

Sago Mini Friends

The Sago Mini series games are some of the preferences for kids, and in Sago Mini Friends, all the figures from this license fit in a world that promotes ideas. Such as empathy, creativity, or the fact of sharing through activities ranging from giving gifts to having a snack.

It also does not include in-app purchases. 

 Masha and the bear for kids

This application offers various games to children, so when they get bored of one style of play, they switch to another. Within the games offered are: puzzles with large and colorful pieces, popping balloons, and taking pictures. This game develops visual memory, logical thinking, and movement coordination.

Super Truck Man

This truck simulator 3D graphics mission is to go as far as possible by collecting gems and avoiding the obstacles that will appear along the way.

Baby puzzles

With this game, young children will learn animals, numbers, letters, fruits, transport, professions, emotions, colors, and musical instruments. The game features easy navigation between puzzles, quickly manageable wooden pieces, attractive, high-quality graphics, and smooth, stimulating sounds.

Multiplication tables

With this game, the children will learn the multiplication tables using the three forms of play: play now, the exams, and the tables. The play currently section is structured by levels, and in the exams section, you can find tests ordered by difficulty.

Coloring Pages

This game is a book to paint, with 72 pictures of different themes such as love, summer school, and dinosaurs, but it also gives the option of making free drawings. Among the game’s features is the ability to fill an entire region, draw with a pencil and eraser, undo and redo the last drawing or color actions, and offer more than 60 colors to choose from.

Toca Kitchen 2

This game presents its second version, which brings more guests to cook for, more tools to play with, and more food to make better combinations. Something to highlight is that diners have more effusive reactions when trying what they are cooked.

Princess Salon

Here girls can choose models from 4 different continents and help them prepare for their show. For this, they can perform: spa sessions, makeup sessions, hairstyle sessions, choose dresses, and a variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces, and hats.

Games for kids Shopping

Help Hippo Pepe find all the items on the list, which Mother Hippo needs. For this, you will go to the supermarket, and you will choose products such as fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes or gardening tools, but you also have to be careful with father Hipopótamo and Pepe’s brother, who are always looking to buy items that do not belong on the list.

Pocoyo ABC Free

With this game, children will be able to: learn the alphabet, draw uppercase and lowercase letters, start reading and writing, learn words related to a certain letter, read, listen. 

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