The best crime and mystery games 2021

As you know, from time to time, we write about some of the apps we have encountered on Apple and Android platforms under the mystery and detective genre. Today we bring you a list of great ones. 

Who Is The Killer (Episode I)

This original game is based on classic English investigative rules. Everyone has a familiar mysterious story from the past. Everyone might have a reason to do it. It is not a generic adventure game: in this scenario, there is no happy ending. 

Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Detective Kate Gray’s best friend has disappeared after a date with someone “too good to be true.” And it seems that, indeed, it was not that good. The first investigations indicate that a sect has included it among its ranks. 

Your mission will be to enter the sect incognito, investigate its dark past and try to find poor Melissa. Practice your ability to resolve all the unknowns.

Detective House Escape

Are you bored of the usual escape games? We, Funny Games, have created an exciting escape game! Stafford, a well-known detective, gathered information about a murder and intercepted the suspect. But unfortunately, the criminal killed him and went to his home to demolish the evidence.

When he enters the house, the door closes automatically. Now he needs to find the evidence stored on the laptop and run away from home using the access card. All you have to do is guide him to collect the evidence and run away from home.

It is necessary to collect the articles and relate them logically or illogically to find the access card. Have a good escape !!


  • Creative concept
  • Easy puzzles
  • Attractive background
  • Support both phone/card
  • Walk Through video available

Hidden Objects: Mystery Society 

For decades a small group of investigators has secretly come together to solve crimes, especially thefts of highly prized objects.

The application is free. I like it the most because you can travel to different cities such as Berlin, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, London … Are you ready for your first case?

Spotlight: Room Escape

Within the category of mystery games, the most common is trying to escape from somewhere. Spotlight: Room Escape belongs to that sector, as its name suggests. We have to escape from a room. It is necessary to be very attentive to collect clues and objects that will give us the key to solve the puzzles and escape.

I have to say that I needed more time. Suppose you need clues and you don’t have enough points. In that case, the app offers you the possibility to buy them. Still, there are other ways to find help without wanting to undermine the developer.

One Late Night: Mobile

This game was created to be played on the computer, but it has been perfectly adapted for mobile devices. In this game, you play the role of an office worker who has had to stay alone late at the office.

You begin to notice strange things happening, sounds, a colleague who never returned to work without giving any signs. You have to solve puzzles to find out what is hidden behind the office walls.

The mystery of the mirror of death

It begins with the passing of the famous writer JR Thompson. You will play the role of a detective, John, who has been assigned the task of finding Thompson’s mysterious disappearance and escaping this mysterious city.

Some of the features include:

  • Point and click adventure.
  • Challenging game.
  • Well, integrated brain teasers and puzzles.
  • Disturbing and horror environment.
  • Non-hidden objects.
  • Stunning graphics.
  • Explore Mysia city Initia and solve its mystery.

Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases

For the most nostalgic. The beloved Scooby-Doo and his faithful friend Shaggy need your help. This game is relatively simple compared to the others on the list, but it ensures a fun time. There is no doubt about that. 

Special Inquiry Detail

Exceptional Inquiry Detail carries the seal of the gaming company G5 Games and follows the lines of CSI New York. In it, we will have to solve the crime scene by meticulously looking at every corner. 

To do this, you will have the help of detectives Turino and Lamonte, who could well be Mulder and Scully. The game will win you over in no time with its intriguing chapters and minigames.

The Lost City

A simple game that immerses us in a lost city, impossible to find on maps. It came to our ears through a legend that our grandmother told us. The Lost City has beautiful graphics and an exciting plot that will hook us from the beginning.

My favorite part of the game is when we change between seasons of the year, and this is just one of the little things that this magical game offers.

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