The best puzzle games for Android for 2021

There are many good things in a good puzzle. In addition to preserving you engaged and entertained, it additionally works on your intelligence and pushes it to function better. So taking part in a puzzle on a smartphone or palm top is no longer bodily healthy, it makes you more fit mentally. It also makes you more focused, which we all need direction in this age of constant distraction.

Today we are going to cover five great puzzle games for Android. As the title indicates, the collection includes both free and paid options. Hopefully, these will tickle some of those non-performing parts of your brain from their sleep. let see the full detail of puzzle games for android.

The Room

Bordering on perfection, we find the Room saga’s award-winning, with three installments of this spectacular puzzle game—another tremendous must-have for puzzle game lovers.

The room will take you to a novel place. Throughout its fascinating and mysterious levels, you will have to solve the puzzles of the boxes you will find in each room. The game is totally immersive and chilling. I highly recommend playing with headphones.

The saga The Room currently has three installments that you will have to play from the first game to follow the story. The first installment of The Room is priced at 0.99 euros, Room 2 is priced at 2.49 euros, and Room 3 is priced at 4.99 euros. If the first delivery catches you, you will surely end up buying the rest of the games.

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of the veterans on the list, one of the first puzzle games that arrived and swept Google Play. Starring the little monster Om Nom, we will have to cut the strings so that he can eat the candy.

This first installment has 425 levels, which translates into hours and hours of fun suitable for all ages. The cut rope costs 0.89 euros, but there is a full of advertisements free version.

After the first Cut the Rope came its sequels to Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope 2 and Cut the Rope: Magic.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is one of the best Disney games for mobile devices, a fun game starring the alligator Swapy to which we have to make the water reach his shower by sliding our finger across the ground.

The game’s challenge is that the water collects the different objects that are distributed in each level and avoids the dangers that will make the water lose or contaminate. We must manage to carry a minimum amount of water to exceed the level.

The first Where’s My Water? It is the most reliable delivery, although it is paid. Its sequel, Where’s My Water? 2, is free-to-play, but in-app purchases and time-outs spoiled the gaming experience.

World of goo

World of Goo is a true PC classic that came to Android more than five years ago, and that has stood the test of time very well despite not receiving updates for more than three years.

Here we have to design structures using the parts of balls called Goos. It has vicious, ignitable, complex, and dense goos, light like a balloon, and much more. Our mission is to create a stable structure using the Goos properties that we have in each level to save a minimum amount of these Goos.

Lara Croft GO

Square Enix began with Hitman GO, its new franchise of puzzle games under the tag “GO” that already has three installments. Lara Croft GO is, for many, the best of all.

Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex GO, and the recent Hitman Go give us three excellent turn-based gameplay puzzle games.

As if it were a game of chess, each turn we make a move to move around the stage turned into a board, preventing enemies and traps from killing us.

Although the gameplay is the same in all games, each installment presents minor differences in enemies, movements, attacks, and objects to give it a touch of fresh air and present settings and stories according to the protagonists. All three games are now on sale at 80% off.

Monument valley

The beautiful puzzle with impossible architectures that Monument Valley offers us is, for many, the best puzzle game that there is currently to date. A work of art turned into a video game.

In Monument Valley, we must guide the silent Princess Ida into enigmatic monuments, find secret paths, explain the optical mirages, and avoid the Raven Man. It is an actual game.

Its price is 2.99 euros, and it offers us 15 levels, which offer us approximately an hour and a half of play. For 1.79 euros more, we can unlock eight more levels of the chapter “Forgotten Shore,” which offers us almost another hour of play.


Transmission is a game with a futuristic graphic aspect, straightforward and also exceptional. Its animations also work on small details and sound effects. The main aim of this game is to develop networks for communication in quite a different methods. At first, everything is simple, but little by little, it gets complicated.


It is a game with the corresponding features as the earlier one but with a distinct design. The idea is to connect light bulbs to a power source with other goals at each level. Its difficulty increases with each level, it is entirely free, and it is a game that is very worth downloading.

Two Dots

Its visual appearance is not incredible, although it is perfect for playing a few games when you are waiting for the bus or going to work or school. The objective is to connect all the colored dots, something straightforward at the beginning, which gets more complicated as the levels go by.

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