The best racing games for Android

Racing games have always been one of the most loved categories by gammers. Google Play is full of titles, ranging from a super realistic simulator to the purest arcade in the style of classic cartoons, passing through those that mix the two. Pilots are looking for realism, those looking to compete, and those who just want to have a good time.

Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

The latest racing game from Gameloft is the hottest part of the Asphalt franchise. She combined beautiful graphics, proven race mechanics, intuitive controls, and tons of content to unlock. This includes over 800 events, weekly and monthly events, and PvP battles. The player can open up to 50 different cars and a lot of tuning elements. True, the shareware app offers a lot of in-game items for real money and quite aggressively. The rest are unique races that are constantly being updated. You can also try Asphalt Xtreme – similar arcade races, but with the participation of off-road vehicles.

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GT Racing 2

Another Gameloft title just like Asphalt 8, but this time on the reality side. Its physical model offers a reality like no other. Enjoy its selection of 81 cars from the best 37 manufacturers in the world. You can drive through 13 circuits from 4 different points of view and win one of its more than 1400 events. If you are an expert user, try to modify your vehicle’s performance in the garage to leave your opponents behind.

Real Drift Car Racing

There are two versions: a free one in which you will drift through four circuits and another paid version in which you will have the game fully unlocked for less than one euro. The difficulty can be customized so that in the beginning, you do not spend the day crashing with the biondas of the circuit.

GRID Autosport

Many are already familiar with the computer version of the GRID game. As in the case of the PC analog, the mobile application has managed to become one of the best in the racing genre. The game is ready to give access to 100 cars and 100 racing competitions. The orientation of the application is more of a single company. The difficulty levels can be customized. Inside there is an abundance of race modes and excellent bonuses, such as support for a hardware controller. GRID Autosport has become one of the most accessible ranking choices, as it is the most content-filled race. In fact, this is the same computer game with all the DLCs, only adapted for a smartphone.

Hill climb racing 2

This is a brand new racing game for Android with straightforward controls and excellent 2D graphics. The competition participant will have to conquer the most challenging hills and mountains to reach the finish line faster than others. It just sounds simple. Inside there is the possibility of improving your own transport to customize the car’s behavior in certain conditions. The game gives a good company, a cooperative mode, access to the discovery of achievements, daily goals, and intra-level tasks. Another plus is that the application works great even on low-performance devices.

Horizon Chase

A game is quite different from anyone on this list. Horizon Chase is a racing game that tries to emulate the titles of the 80s and 90s genres. Part of the staff responsible for this game has experience with some racing classics from 20 years ago.

Its mechanics are different from those of any racing game today since the controls are simpler. 

Riptide GP: Renegade

Not everything is going to be cars. The most famous jet ski game on the planet delights us once again in its third edition. The gameplay invites you to speed up the corners of the curves and enjoy the chicanes. There are different models of jet skis, and each one can be improved in other sections. A peculiarity of this racing game is that the turbo recharges doing acrobatics “tricks” every time a ramp or a big wave allows us to jump.

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Most of the best iPhone races presented in the rating offer a taste of speed on cars. Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic will give the user an unforgettable motorbike ride.

The game features ten realistically crafted motorcycles – from the free Velocity GP to the advanced, mighty Cobra, which will have to be unlocked with virtual coins or real money if you don’t want to spend long hours accumulating game currency.

To the delight of users, the developers have created an excellent detailed view from the driver’s position.

Most of the races take place in the urban jungle. The rest of the tracks can be opened for donation. But you should not rejoice in a simple location – one- or two-way traffic is quite dense. Besides, the weather here can be unpredictable.

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