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Simulation is a type of game genre that provides real-world experience. It is like working in your home or office, driving a car to earn money, visiting places, etc. This type of game offers many exciting experiences people of almost all ages love to play. Suppose you want to try some fascinating simulation games for Android. In that case, this article can help you list the best simulation games for Android below.

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Fallout Shelter

A fallout shelter is another awesome simulation game for Android. It is a fascinating and challenging game with excellent HD video quality and physics. It is like a vault-building game.

You can experience many perks, challenging levels, survival loot, etc. Hopefully, you will enjoy this game very much.

Epic Battle Simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a continuation of the game, which is considered one of the most realistic battle simulators on Android. In it, you can form your own troops, pump units, think over a strategy and manage an army to win epic battles against bots or other users online.

The advantages of this game include very realistic physics and an excellent algorithm for selecting opponents. Thanks to this, each battle will become a real challenge for you to emerge victorious from, which is challenging but exciting. In the second part of the game, the graphics have been significantly improved. The battles have become even more spectacular than before.

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Bridge Construction Simulator

Do you love the virtual engineering experience? Then try the bridge-building simulator. It is another excellent Android simulation game. It’s easy to play at first, but it starts to get complicated after a while.

In this game, you are a builder or builder who has to build a bridge in different cities, mountains, valleys, etc. Puzzles for different levels are also provided in this game.

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Real Flight Simulator

And this simulator with good graphics will take you into the air. Feel like a real pilot who controls a vast plane with passengers on board. Your choice will be provided with many types of real aircraft and airports, which to the smallest detail repeat the objects and structures that exist in reality.

The developers focused as much as possible on the realism of the simulator. It is facilitated by high-quality three-dimensional graphics and advanced physics of aircraft flight, which are controlled in different ways depending on the size, speed, weather, and other parameters. This is an offline game that works without the Internet, making it even more attractive for many.

Euro Truck Driver

There are many different driving simulators, but Euro Truck Driver invites you to become a truck driver and master the profession of a truck driver. A truly immersive experience of driving a massive vehicle and views of European cities, from Madrid to Prague, awaits you.

There are more than 20 different European cities in the game, but you will not only travel around them. You will come across country roads and massive tracks on your way, which you will have to overcome on iconic trucks of different brands. The developers took the trouble to complicate your task with realistic weather conditions, so be prepared for difficulties.

Goat Simulator

It is a spectacular goat game that is very challenging and addictive. First, it seems easy enough, but it gets more challenging after the levels.

Farming Simulator 20

Have you ever wanted to spit on everything and start your own farm? Farming Simulator 20 is designed specifically for these people. In it, you can cultivate your plot with powerful farming equipment, take care of animals, and explore the territories surrounding your possessions.

The economic component also plays an important role here. You will have to monitor changes in the market to be able to profitably sell the goods produced and purchase the necessary equipment and expand the site – in general. There really is something to do here. This game costs money in the play market, but its hacked mod is easily googled on the net.

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Wild Panther Sim 3D

It is about the family of a black panther. Here, you must fight other animals to save your family, and you must also raise your family members.

You can explore through the beautiful jungle and forest environment. These are the most essential features of this game.

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In the economic simulator TheoTown, you will have your own city. And you will become everything for this city: mayor, designer, architect. We will have to create a metropolis from scratch, equip its transport networks, residential areas, industrial zones, and so on. The game allows you to completely control the life of the city and sets before one goal – to develop and bring its economy to the maximum level.

This is one of the best city-building simulators on smartphones, which many compare to the reference Sim City. You can play TheoTown without the Internet and ads, so nothing will distract from the pleasant pixel graphics and addictive gameplay.

We have listed the best simulation games for your phone. Each of these projects really deserves the players’ attention, so choose the ones you like and enjoy – you will definitely not regret the time spent.

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