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Gangsters are popular fodder in pop culture. The romantic lives of thugs are pretty much stock and the Hollywood trade. So it’s no surprise that we see a glut of games that are supposed to simulate gangster culture. They can range from the sublime Grand Theft Auto series to the reasonably simple bargaining game Drug Wars. With Android quickly becoming a popular platform for portable gaming, it is no wonder that we see games of this type begin to appear. The main problem for any fan of the genre is separating the wheat from the chaff. Here are several games that managed to get my attention and should please the fan.

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GTA San Andreas

A compilation like this inevitably begins by referring to the Rockstar above saga and, although any of the titles that we can find in the App Store and Google Play would be a good option, we are going to play it safe. We recommend, if at all Someone did not know him yet, the one that is probably the most popular of all, the San Andreas, set in the city of the same name (his recreation of Los Angeles), which we are going to travel escaping from the police, fighting against other gangs and trying to help our family and friends. A huge map to explore, street fights, full-speed races, and varied missions, a game that is really worth paying for.

Mob Wars – a game with a story

Mob Wars has a fascinating history. It was the first Facebook game to reach over $ 1 million in revenue. It was the biggest competitor to Mafia Wars before Mafia Wars ceased to exist a few years ago.

The game is very similar to its competitor. You play as a thug who commits crimes, collects money, and levels up to an actual crime boss.

Gangstar Vegas

Its a great game for video consoles, it must be said that this is not an obstacle so that it can be displayed which is a high-quality game that will undoubtedly satisfy all those who are looking for something similar to Rockstar games, with the undoubted advantage that with this we can get it for free. As in that one, we are going to have a huge one in which all kinds of missions have room, with all the fights and races that we could wish for and an essential addition with Las Vegas as the setting: minigames inspired by casino games.

The Godfather: Family Dynasty – The Godfather Game

The Godfather: Family Dynasty is another mafia-themed city building simulator. You build a small town and make tons of money. The money is used to hire thugs to defend your territory.

As is usual in such games, you can not only defend but also attack, attack other gangs, and take away their territory. Yes, this is a pretty standard gang war game. There are some minor social elements and various ways to get away from the main playline. 

Underworld Empire

Although much less popular than the previous one, Kabam also made his own foray into this terrain, leaving us this fascinating Underworld Empire. It must be said that its approach is a little different, since this title is totally oriented to multiplayer mode and, in fact, it should be considered as an MMORPG with a lot in common in terms of game mechanics, but terms of setting, with the medieval fantasy classics of the genre. The most astonishing thing in the game is probably the pitched battles that we can participate in, with battles between gangs of no less than 80 members and the alliances of hundreds of players created to face the bosses.

Mafia III Rivals

As you can imagine from the title, it is the mobile device version of the video game that has just been practically launched for video consoles. Still, it is not a port like GTA games can be (something unthinkable, actually), but rather a game inspired by him. Compared to the other games on the list, the weight of the strategic component is much greater since our power will depend less on our ability with the controls as on our ability to obtain resources and intelligently use the dozens of criminal bosses that we have to do. Go recruiting.

Parallel Mafia

However, with a much more recent story in the background, Narcos is inspired by the recreation of the life of drug dealer Pablo Escobar who makes the popular series from which it takes its name. The gameplay is not much out of the ordinary in this type of game (defending our base in the jungle, creating our own squads, forming alliances with other players) but, as you can imagine, the empire that we are going to try to build here is our own poster.

Mafia Farm

Now for something a little different. Mafia Farm is a hilarious mash-up of Farmville-Esque seeding and Mob Wars missions. It sounds ridiculous – and it is! That’s where the fun is. The cartoonish art direction also goes a long way in setting the tone for this game—indeed, something to clear things up, after all the seriousness of the first two.

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