Top best RPGs games for Android You Love to Play

These are games that focus on winning over villains, accumulating experience points, leveling, and clothing.

You’ll find some compelling storylines in Android RPGs, although some good old-fashioned hack-and-slash RPGs are in the batch. If RPGs aren’t your bag, we’ve got loads of other collections of the best Android games available.

Do you keep losing your twenty-sided die? Tired of carrying the sourcebooks to your friend’s place across town? We recommend that you check out our ten best Android RPGs below.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Missions range from hunting space pirates to asteroid mining and everything in between. There is a lot to do, and you can always upgrade your ship and buy new rides with the credits you accumulate. You can download this gorgeous role-playing game for Android for free. There are two expansions available via in-app purchases. In-game cash can also be purchased directly if you feel the need to get the most significant and meanest spaceship available. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a rich, exciting, and utterly open RPG perfect for science fiction fans.

Dragon quest

The Dragon Quest saga has numerous translations of games to Android that have become true classics of video consoles. From the first Dragon Quest, through the rest of the franchise titles until reaching DQ VII, all are available on Android for prices ranging from 2.99 euros for the first installment to 19.99 euros for the most recent Dragon Quest VII.

Pay attention because they are games that take up a lot of space since, in the case of, for example, Dragon Quest VII, it is a complete copy of the version for PS2 consoles, and that means that it weighs 1.4GB.


What if one of the best Android RPGs is also one of the most successful tributes to the genre? 

Evoland can be purchased from the Play Store for 0.99 euros, a small price for an incredible exciting journey through the world of RPGs. In practice, as you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock, in addition to new equipment and objects, new technologies that will make the graphics and mechanics of the game evolve.

For this reason, in Evoland, you can experience the best of the genre, starting with old 2D turn-based combat through to intense real-time battles in three dimensions. 

Of course, this game also offers numerous levels to explore, consisting of puzzles and other stages in which you have to go in search of rarities to collect. However, the game remains a wonderful experience for fans of the genre, an easy-to-access 360-degree homage with immediate gameplay.

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is the long-awaited revival of traditional cyberpunk. Players embark on a lovely old skool single-player journey with hundreds of meaty aspect testimonies and have interaction in tactical turn-based fight in opposition to some nasty characters. The heavy RPG elements of Shadowrun Returns will keep players invested in the levels of its characters, not to mention that they are fascinated by a setting that combines magic and the machine in a truly memorable way. Shadowrun Returns is available for $ 2.99 with no in-app purchases. Try the sequel, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, if you’re looking for more. Shadowrun Returns deep strategic combat and in-depth storytelling to Android.

Chaos rings 3

It’s hard to get anything bigger or better than Chaos Rings 3. It has everything you’d expect from a full-fledged Square Enix RPG game, including a deep character development system, a plot with many twists, lush graphics, and an excellent soundtrack. This game really lives up to the extras, too, so even after beating the main story, there’s still a lot to do. Some may find the tone shift from previous games a bit jarring, but Chaos Rings 3 has undoubtedly lost nothing in terms of quality.

Dragon Quest 5

Dragon Quest 5 is relatively common in its gameplay, however its story is a breath of sparkling air.. There are as many tragedies as there are triumphs, and the whole game plays with the notions of heroism and what exactly that word means. Throw in a fun monster-catching mechanism that precedes Pokemon, and you’ve got a journey no one should miss. Thanks to the game that uses a vertical alignment rather than a horizontal one, you can easily sneak into some muted game.

The Banner Saga

This is other method RPG with a gorgeous story and gameplay extra than succesful of aiding it. The Banner Saga is the first part of a trilogy planned after the Norse legends of Ragnarok, but even if only part of the overall story, there is still a lot of fun to be had here. Tactical battles are challenging and joy to understand, and you can also make choices about the direction the storyline moves.

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